You REALLY need to taste this!

34:08 Psalm “Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!” (ESV)

Taste is important to us. We enjoy foods that taste great… just they way that we like them. It would be sad if everything tasted the same. Yet, God provides for us great variety in tastes… something for everyone. Many claim to know God but have yet to fully taste His Word… to really take it to heart. It is SO GOOD! Encourage others to take a taste and to stay for the main course… then to be filled with His love and joy and grace. (AND there are NO calories in it yet it provides eternal life-saving benefits!) Help them to take refuge in Him!!

You can pass on this verse to all your friends on social media and on your email lists by sharing the blog or the link to this page. Ask what their favorite food is and why they like the taste so much. Ask if there is favorite food that was made by a parent or grandparent that they really miss tasting. (I am sure it will make their mouth water just thinking about those foods.) Share with them the Bread of Life that we find in Jesus. We need to spend time in the Bible to get a full taste of all of the blessings and grace which He freely gives to us. Next, Take Time For God’s Word© whenever you sit down to eat a meal, then think of this verse as ’34:08’, and thank God for the use of all of your senses. For verses which go beyond the hours of a clock (i.e. greater than 24), I usually associate them with some other object or item that I see often each day. This verse, 34:08, for me is linked with pizza. I really like the taste of a Chicago style, deep dish, pan pizza. I link this by making the ‘8’ equal the word ‘ate’. So, when is see pizza (or even pizza commercials), I think of 34:08 Psalm…”Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!...” What a great reminder. He satisfies our hunger for purpose and meaning. He provides for ALL of our needs. Try it with your favorite food… make the link… think of it often… be fed by His Word each day. Best meal of the day!

Our prayers now shift to cover all of the many agencies which provide and promote global mission work throughout the world. We pray for World Vision (Federal Way, WA) for their outreach to children in the poorest countries and poorest areas within the USA as well. Their goal provides for food, water, education, medical needs, and Christian spiritual needs. I enjoy seeing the progress reports on the 2 sponsored children that I support. It is great to know that my regular gifts are benefiting kids halfway around the world. Support them or other ministries for global missions. Make a difference in the lives of others. Stay blessed. Pass it on by helping others to get a taste of the Word which brings us life eternal.

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