Angels are watching over me!

34:07 Psalm “The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him, and delivers them” (ESV)

Angels are mentioned in several places in the Bible. When they speak, their first words are usually, “Fear not…” They must be a wonder to see. Yet, we know that God uses them in special ways. For all of the trouble that King David experienced in his life, he may have needed a couple of guardian angels to keep him safe. Just know that God’s plans for you may include forces and beings which we to do not always see… but He always sees us and meets our needs. Praise Him daily for that protection and provision.

Please give this verse to your closest friends and family by copying the link or this blog post. Ask if they have ever felt that there is an angel watching over them. Ask if that gave them an added sense of peace and security. Let them know that God will use extraordinary measures to watch over His people. He may send an angel to be there for you at just the right moment. He loves you that much! Take Time For God’s Word© as you see any pictures or reference to angels, then think of this verse as ’34:07’, and praise Him for angels watching over you. This may be one of the verses that you recall as a math problem, 3 + 4 = 7 (34:07). OR, you may want to print out this verse card and carry it with you. When you see it, you will be reminded of the verse and you will be mindful of God’s love for you as He provides His angels to be there when needed. Thank you, Lord!

We continue our prayers for all the early first responded organizations like the Red Cross which heads to disasters to bring relief, help and hope to people suffering or displaced. Other church groups and organizations also provide tools, food trucks, portable laundry facilities, and so much more. They faithfully send help to wherever the need. They don’t differentiate on who they help… they share to whomever has a need. Support them. Serve if you can. Continue to be a blessing in so many areas around you. Pass it on as the hands and feet of Christ to people who need to see His love in action… be that love today!

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