Be delivered from ALL your fears!

34:04 Psalm “I sought the LORD, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears.” (ESV)

We are reminded that King David fought many battles and one of his biggest battles was against fear. He was running from Saul who wanted to kill him. He was hiding in caves. He had more than his share of fears. Yet, through it all, he know that God was there with him and for him. God delivered him time-and-time-again. He does the same for each of us. We do need to earnestly seek Him… through His Word… through prayer… and through quiet time where we can listen to Him speak to our hearts. Seek Him daily… and live a fearless life, filled with abundance and peace.

You can route this verse to your extended family and friends, near or far by copying this blog post or by sending them the link to this website page. Ask what is one thing they would ask of God right now. Ask if the have made that request and if they keep praying for it. Add it to your prayer list as well. We are a praying people. We pray for the needs of our family and friends. God listens… and God responds in ways beyond what we can see or know. His answers are for good and fulfill His plans for us. Then, Take Time For God’s Word© as you pause to pray, then recall this verse as ’34:04’, and praise Him for delivering you from your fears. Too often we run away from our fears but they keep finding us. Zig Ziglar (motivational Christian speaker) would say that ‘FEAR’ is really just False Evidence Appearing Real. Don’t hold on to your fears. Turn them over to God for He has no fear… AND he can give you the strength to face down those fears and to live without fear. What a great freedom that is… to live without fear. Try it!!

Our prayers always go out to the brave men and women who serve us in our police forces, fire rescue services, and emergency personnel. They come when called. They help us when we need it the most. They put their lives on the line for us and for our families. They feel called to serve in this way. Many are second and third generation in this type of work. They saw commitment from their parents and they want to live in that same way. THANK THEM! Support them. Be supportive of their families. You can be a great blessing to them. Pass it on without fear and live fearlessly each day for Him.

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