Don’t just sing His praise…Shout it!

34:03 Psalm “Oh, magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together!” (ESV)

To “magnify” means to ‘make larger’ so that we can see better. Then, to “exalt” means to ‘lift high’ or ‘to place higher’ so that everyone can see. That is our calling. We are to ‘live large’ in the love of God so that others can see Him working in us. We are to give Him all the glory so that people know that without Him we can do nothing. And, we are to sing (I love to sing) His praises. It makes your outlook much brighter when you are shining forth His love to the world. Give it a try today… Praise His name in word and song!!

Click ‘Like’ on this post and click ‘Share’ to gladly send this verse to all family, friends, and co-workers in His kingdom. Ask if they have ever used a magnifying glass to see things bigger or better. Ask if others can see Christ working in you OR do the need a magnifying glass because it shows too small in the things you do. Listen to their feedback. Don’t be timid in living for Him. Be bold. Be direct. Be open about ALL that He has done for you. Faithfully Take Time For God’s Word© as you look through glasses or contacts, then think of this verse as ’34:03’, and help to magnify His name so others may see Him clearly working in you. There is a Christian song with these words in it. Once I get it playing in my mind, it gets repeated often throughout my day. And that’s a good thing. It keeps me mindful of His love and power and place in my life. Regardless of what other busy or frustrating things are happening, I can know that He is in control AND that He loves even me. Praise the Lord…often each day!

We again pray for ALL of the women and men who have served (and are serving) in our military. We cannot THANK YOU enough for your service. One member of our community in Florida was recognized by the President for his service in WWII. A fitting tribute. Pray for the families of these service personnel. Help them. Support them. Be a blessing to them as their loved ones are serving us. Pass it on through words which magnify His name to the world in need!

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