In God We Trust, or do we still?

33:12 Psalm “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people he chose for his inheritance.” (NIV)

We have been greatly blessed as a nation. We had been known as a Christian nation as most people, at one time, affiliated with Christianity. Many are saying that we are now in a post-Christian society. Other foreign religions or even the silencing of Christianity have seemed to become more dominant. Will we still receive the blessings of God? It is something that we need to pray for… and we need to be willing to share His Word and His love wherever we go. This is not a time for silence. Let us speak boldly His name and call upon it regularly for our nation.

Please circulate this verse to all of your family, friends, and co-workers in His kingdom by copying the blog or the link to this page. Ask if they feel that we are still ‘one nation, under God’. Ask if they feel that we will still be able to refer to God in our Pledge of Allegiance. Remind them that we need to continue to pray for our nation and for the freedoms which we have. Let us use those freedoms wisely and let us continue to share the love of Christ with everyone that we meet. Always Take Time For God’s Word© as you think of the blessings in the USA, then remember this verse as ’33:12’, and seek His continued blessings and grace to us. While the love of God knows no boundaries or borders, we have a heritage of people seeking religious freedoms in this country. We need to do our part to preserve those same freedoms. Let His love show through us in such a way that people will want to know what makes us so different. Then we can tell them about Jesus. Let our lives be a beacon of hope to those who still seek that kind of religious freedom and new life in Him!

We continue to pray for all of those people who are recovering from the effects of extreme weather issues around the country and around the globe. Most recently, we think of the ‘polar vortex’ impacts and the ongoing rains in California. The impacts vary by region. They vary in intensity and duration. Yet, they still leave people in need. That is what we focus on… helping those in need. Do what you can wherever you can to help. Show His love in action. Be the blessing that they need right now. Be an answer to prayers. Stay blessed always. Pass it on as a blessed people to a nation that needs a blessing right now.

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