Know the plans of an awesome God!

33:08 Psalm “Let the whole world fear the LORD, and let everyone stand in awe of him.” (NLT)

We continue to make ‘new’ discoveries about the universe, about the earth, and about all life on earth. It truly is awesome… all created by an AWESOME God! We have the opportunity to be in fellowship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ. Through that relationship, we can share His love with a world that desperately needs to know love, joy, peace, and grace. We get to pass along that message and we get to enjoy His blessings upon us along the way. Live the awesome life which God has planned for YOU!

PLEASE copy this blog or the link to this verse to send it on to family, friends, and co-workers in the faith. Ask what part of creation still amazes them the most. Ask why they are so interested in that part and how they learned about it. Rejoice with them in the awesomeness of God and the wonder of His love for us. Give a prayer of thanks to God for ALL that He has made and for His amazing love for us. Then Take Time For God’s Word© as you see the miracles throughout His creation, then remember this verse as ’33:08’, and continue to thank Him for His grace and mercy to us. This may be a verse card that you will want to print and to put in your pocket or purse. As you see it often each day, you will know that God is still in control. He made it all. We are to follow His plans for us… not the other way around! Pause for a moment to just stand in awe of God… praise Him… thank Him… celebrate the life He has given to you. It will give you greater purpose and greater joy each day!!

Please continue to pray for all of the social causes which address common needs and concerns of the people in our nation. There are numerous blood banks, clothing outlets, donated cars, etc. which are shared with all people in need. We need to meet physical needs before people are ready to face their spiritual needs. Lend your support and help to these causes where you can. Work to help meet peoples’ needs in your community. Use that opportunity to let the love of Christ show through you. You will be a blessing. You will touch lives in His name. THANK YOU for all that you do! Pass it on to a world in need… the need to stand in awe of God!

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