God’s Word is right and true!

33:04 Psalm “For the word of the LORD is right and true; he is faithful in all he does.” (NIV)

Truth. We struggle with that today. We hear a lot of ‘fake’ information. We aren’t sure who to trust. Yet, we KNOW that the Word of God is true. He cannot lie. Therefore, follow His Word and His plans for you. He is faithful to deliver on His promises. He is faithful to deliver you. Let His truth set you free from sin!

Please route this verse to friends on social media and on your email list by coping this blog post or this link. Ask what source of information they believe to provide a true outlook on things happening around them. Ask if they ever doubt the information being presented. Share with the them the true Word of God. Let them know that He sent Jesus to die for their sins. They are redeemed and made new in Him. Please continue to Take Time For God’s Word© as you recall God’s Word, then recall this verse as ’33:04’, and thank Him for being faithful to you. Share His Word by donating Bibles or by sponsoring organizations which continually provide God’s Word to people around the world. Two of my favorites are Bible League International (Crete, IL) and the American Bible Society (Philadelphia, PA). Help them to reach those who want a Bible but do not have one. Help put His Word into the hands of the next generations of believers. THANK YOU for being faithful in your witness through your support.

We now pray for all of the Christian led causes around the world that touch people’s needs and lives for the cause of Christ. We have identified We Raise Foundation (Itasca, IL), Lutheran World Relief (Baltimore, MD), and others that are serving so well to show the love of Christ in action. Support these groups or those in your area that impact our world for the cause of Christ and for the good of His people. We are people of hope. We need to share that regularly through organizations on the front lines of the mission fields. Be that blessing today. Pass it on by doing what is right and true and be faithful to share His love with others.

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