Let God protect you from trouble…

32:07 Psalm “You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.” (NIV)

A hiding place. That is what we need sometimes. We need a place to go where we feel safe… where trouble can’t find us… where we can be surrounded by love and support. Do you have such a place? It may be closer than you think. Your shelter and protection can be in God’s Word. Taking time for God means that you have no time for trouble or sin. Being in His Word means that you are growing closer to God and you are leaving sin behind. Seek that hiding place each day. Feel His love surrounding you and be at peace in Him.

Copy this blog or the link to this page to commend this verse to friends and family, both near and far. Ask if they ever had a hiding place when they were kids. Ask when they used it and if others ever found them there. Let them know about the hiding place which we have in God’s Word. Share with them the love and the protection which we have when we follow His plan for our lives. Remember to Take Time For God’s Word© as you feel trouble entering your life, then recall this verse as ’32:07’, and praise God for His deliverance. Be aware of the needs of those around you. Many are looking for that ‘hiding place’ to get away from bad decisions and poor choices which they have made. Be there to guide them. Be there to support them. Be there to love them with the love of God. Help to protect them from ongoing troubles. Get involved. Be proactive. Be the answer to their prayers for help. Be the hands and feet of Christ in your neighborhood and in the world.

Let us all pray for our government leaders and officials. They need lots of prayers for guidance, patience, and purpose. We pray that their hearts will focus on the solutions to help all of our citizens. We pray that God’s people will show hearts of love and support of those people caught in the outcomes of the government actions. Pray for peace… peace in the hearts and lives of our people. Be examples of His love and grace each day. You are blessed… be a blessing to others. Pass it on to guide others to the hiding place and protection of God.

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