Live under His unfailing love for you…

26:03 Psalm “For I am always aware of your unfailing love, and I have lived according to your truth.” (NLT)

In our world, we want warranties, guarantees, or assurances that things will last. Yet, we know that they don’t last forever. God’s promises do last. His Word cannot be broken. His assurances never fail. AND we live under His unfailing love. What a blessing that is! Too often, we are unaware of it or just too busy to fully experience and appreciate what His unfailing love means in our lives. Take a moment right now to know that His unfailing love covers YOU! That always makes my day! I hope it does for you as well!

You can spread the message in this verse to family, friends, and neighbors by copying this blog or by sharing this link. Ask if they have received unfailing love from anyone in their lives. Ask how that makes them feel when they have that kind of support. You can share with them what God’s unfailing love does for you each day. Tell them the difference it makes in your life. They need to hear that. Then Take Time For God’s Word© each time you see the word ‘love’ anywhere, then think of this verse and His unfailing love for you. You may anchor this verse by thinking that 2 goes into 6 just 3 times (26:03) and that answer never changes… it is unfailing. OR, set a Reminder at 6:03pm with the title “26:03 unfailing love”. That will cause you to pause and to think about ALL of the examples of God’s unfailing love when we live according to His truth and follow His Word. Let your life show His love in action to those around you. Be love and bring glory to His name.

We focus prayers on our youth pastors and leaders within our churches and fellowship groups. They have a HUGE task to get and keep the attention of our youth on the truths within the Bible and the blessings of following Jesus. The world is bombarding our youth with LOTS of options and alternatives. They are tested and tried every day by options for sin and temptations. The youth pastors must constantly pray for and share His love with our teens and our children. Support them. Offer to help where you can. Their ministry is vital to raise up the next generation of believers. Be that blessing to them. Pass it on with His unfailing love for you and for those around you.

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