Were you young and foolish sometimes?

25:07 Psalm “Do not remember the rebellious sins of my youth. Remember me in the light of your unfailing love, for you are merciful, O LORD.” (NLT)

We all have a past. For some of us, it is a past that we are still running from OR trying to forget. We keep dragging up the guilt or shame or hurts. We just can’t seem to let it go. That is where the Good News comes in… because Jesus came to wipe out ALL sins. He has taken them to the Cross and they are left there. When we accept Jesus, we start with a clean slate every day! Let us learn from those mistakes and let us help others not to make the same ones. Share with them the Good News so that they can be a new creation in Him.

Please pass along this verse to all of your friends, family, and neighbors. Ask if they have something in their past which they are not proud of… something they wish they could do over. Ask if they have left that pain in the past or if they are still carrying it around with them even now. Let them know about the forgiveness and healing that Jesus can bring into their lives. Help them to know His cleansing power. Then you can Take Time For God’s Word© whenever you are reminded of any past sins, then remember this verse and the great mercy of God. Sometimes, sins of our youth haunt us because we may have wronged someone else. Yet, we have never asked them for their forgiveness. If it is possible, reach out to them. Share your mistake and seek their forgiveness. I cannot predict their reaction… I would hope they would be understanding and forgiving. Then, forgive yourself… turn it all over to God… and begin again with a clean heart… one that is no longer carrying that load of sin. Give God the thanks and praise. Live the life He has called you to live!

We lift up our prayers for all of the organizations that focus on global missions and global mission outreach efforts. We remember World Vision (Federal Way, WA) in our prayers as they reach some of the poorest children around the world and help their communities with food, supplies, training, assistance, etc. I have greatly enjoyed sponsoring children through World Vision and seeing their progress as they grow and learn and learn about Jesus. Support them if you can. Help other similar organizations in their mission work. Keep reaching out. Keep helping. Keep loving. You are a great blessing to many others. THANK YOU! Pass it on in all that you say and do!

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