'In God We Trust'… more than a slogan…

25:02 Psalm “I trust in you; do not let me be put to shame, nor let my enemies triumph over me.” (NIV)

We ended the book of Galatians and as we start the new year, we will again look at the Book of Psalms. We begin in Psalm 25. The verse numbers are all beyond what you will find as time on a clock. We will find and use other memory tips to help to recall and to use these verses throughout your busy day. That is our ministry… ‘helping people to stay close to God’s Word and to recall it often each day’. We pray that you will continue to be blessed by these verses AND that you will share them widely on social media, in your conversations, and through your emails. May God richly bless and keep you in 2019 and forever!!

Please continue to route this verse to all of your friends and family as you copy this blog post or the link to this page. Ask what one thing they trust in the most in life. Ask if it has ever failed them. Pass on to them this verse and the faith we have in Christ Jesus. Remind them that in the end, everything else will fail, yet God will remain. Believe in what lasts into eternity. Always Take Time For God’s Word when you take out a coin or currency which says ‘In God We Trust’ on it, then recall this verse. If it is a quarter, even better, as that reminds you of 25 and the verse is 25:02. Use these tips to help you to recall verses and to literally ‘Take Time For God‘s Word’ often each day. Keeping His Word close at hand… top of mind…and deep in your heart will be a great blessing. Don’t miss out on any of the great blessings that He has planned for you this year!

We always start our monthly prayer cycle by praying for our military personnel…the women and men who faithfully serve (or who have served) to protect our nation. They have made a great sacrifice by volunteering for such service. They face hardships and even death to keep us safe. THANK THEM and thank their families who support them. Be there for them. Share your blessings with them. Help the veterans as they return to civilian life. We owe them a great debt. Repay it in kindness and with love. Continue to pass it on each day by trusting fully in what God has planned for you!

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