Living daily by the grace of God…

6:18 Galatians “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit, brothers and sisters. Amen.” (NIV)

Paul often ends his letters commending ‘the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ’ to be with us. He recognizes more that anyone that we must begin and end with the ‘grace of God’ in our lives. We need to let that sink in. We need that grace to be a the core of our hearts and lives. It changes everything… to see others through the grace which Christ gives to us. What an amazing view! I pray that you have such vision each day… to be grace-full in all that you say and do!

Send the link to this page to pass on this verse to all of your friends on social media and on your email list. Ask if they have ever been shown grace… receiving good things that they did not deserve. Ask if they have ever received mercy… NOT getting the punishment that we do deserve. Share with them the unending grace and mercy that we receive by knowing Jesus as Savior and Friend. It is Good News that needs to be told often. Please Take Time For God’s Word© at 6:18 am or pm or as you see someone offer grace to another person, remember this verse. Set the alarm on your phone to 6:18 pm with a title of ‘Grace be with you’. It can be set to vibrate but the flashing time and title will be enough to remind you of the great grace that you have received that day. Offer up your thanks and praise to God for such grace. Then, commit to sharing that grace with those near you. Say - “I love you”… “I am sorry”… “Forgive me”… “Let me help you”… “You are doing great”… yes, SAY those more often by using the grace given to you. You can change the world by His grace!

We end the book of Galatians and we end our monthly prayer cycle today. We pray for the ONE person on your heart or mind that you know needs the love of Jesus in their lives. Focus your prayers on that person. Do whatever it takes to reach out to them. Show them the love of Christ. Show them the grace He has given to you. Show them mercy and forgiveness if that is needed. Don’t give up on them. Be persistent in prayer for them. Tell them that you pray for them. Ask what they need the most… really listen to their needs. Continue to be a great blessing to those around you. Pass it on through grace and mercy and love… especially through His love!

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