How will you stand before God?

14:12 Romans “Yes, each of us will give a personal account to God." (NLT)

If you have ever been on trial in a court, you know what it is to give an account or testimony. All of the details are shared. All of the actions are re-told. Based on those actions, a verdict will be rendered. That is the way it will be for ALL of us as we stand in judgment before God. Yet, we will have Christ who will speak up for us. He will state that we are now cleansed from sin because of His sacrifice for us. We are redeemed …forgiven …and saved. Let us live that way now and help others find the path to new life in Him!!

Please route this verse to friends, family and neighbors by copying this blog post or by sending the link to this page. Ask if they have ever been on trial or witnessed a trial. Ask how they would give an account for their lives if put on trial for their life. Let them know that Christ came to redeem them. He will be their advocate before God in heaven. He has taken our punishment on the cross. We can claim Jesus and we can have eternal life. So, Take Time For God’s Word(c) at 14:12 (2:12 pm) or as you pause to think about what you did today, think of this verse. This may be one you want to save in your Photos as Favorite Verses. Scroll through those verses whenever you have a few minutes. They will remind you of God’s love for you. They will remind you of ways to serve others. They will encourage you to share your blessings with others. They will help you to take action. Serve the Lord!

Please pray for all of our pastors, ministers, and lay leaders within our churches and fellowship groups. We need them to speak the clear word of God. We need them to offer comfort and support to their congregations. We need them to stir the hearts of God’s people. In our church, the message is simple… “Love God. Love others. Serve the world.” Let us take that to heart each day. Stay blessed. Pass it on to show that the Good News of the Gospel is for ALL who will believe.

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