To God be the glory for things He has done!

11:36 Romans “For everything comes from him and exists by his power and is intended for his glory. All glory to him forever! Amen.” (NLT)

Paul ends this chapter with a strong and powerful reminder of who God is and what our response should be to Him in ALL things. We most often think of His glory in the huge and immense size of the universe which expands well beyond our imagination. Yet, we also see His glory in the smallest act of kindness… the laughter of a child… the touch of a loved one… or a word of hope in times of sorrow. In ALL things, give Him the praise and glory… forever!!

You can copy this verse or this link to extend this verse to all of your friends on social media or on your email list. Ask if they have ever received an award or an honor for something they had done. Ask who else they thanked and praised in helping them to receive such an honor. Let them know that we need to recognize and give glory to God for ALL that He has done for us. Share with them the great joys we have when we give God all the glory. It is ALL His… and by His grace we can share in it and we can glorify Him by our actions and by sharing His love. Don’t miss out on that joy each and every day. Continue to Take Time For God’s Word(c) at 11:36 am or pm or whenever you think of the wonder of God, recall this verse and give His the glory. Save this verse card as a photo on your phone. Put it in a folder of Favorite Verses. Whenever you are standing in line (and we do that a LOT lately), review those favorite verses. Pause for a moment to thank God. Pause for a few seconds to give God the glory for EVERYTHING that He has done for you. Those can be some of the best moments of the day… spending time with God… in praise and thanks to Him. Enjoy those ‘God moments’ often each day. Stay blessed!!

We end our monthly prayer cycle list by remembering that one person that you know who desperately needs to experience Jesus in their lives. You have tried to reach them. You have offered to help them. You may even have shed countless tears on their behalf. That is just how much you love them and want them to experience the love and joy and peace that comes from knowing Jesus. Keep them in your prayers. Tell them that you are praying for them. Offer to help them in any way possible. Then, let God work through you to bring them back to His kingdom for His glory. Be that special blessing to them. You ARE a great blessing. I thank God for the joy of sharing in this ministry each day… all for the glory of His name and for His wondrous love for me. Pass it on… forever!

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