Have you heard the Good News lately?…

10:17 Romans “So faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the Good News about Christ.” (NLT)

Paul emphasizes the need to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ preached so that people could hear it. It was shared in homes. It was preached in temples. It was discussed everywhere. We have so many more ways to pass on the Good News…phone, email, printed materials, social media, TV, etc., etc. and yet we often fail to share it with anyone. We are reminded that it is still the Good News that people want to hear. Pass it on today!

Copy this blog or this link to send on this verse to all friends, family, and co-workers for the Kingdom. Ask how they like to get their ‘news’ and information. Ask if it is by hearing, reading, seeing, or some combination of those. We all look for good and positive things in our news. There are often few of those stories. That is why the Gospel brings life and hope and healing to so many. It removes the weight of sin from our lives. It sets us free to be His own people. Continue to Take Time For God’s Word(c) at 10:17 am or pm or when you hear any ‘good news’, recall this verse. Use the ‘record’ feature on your phone to save your voice reading this verse. Save it as “Hear the Good News”. Then play it back from time-to-time as a way to recall the verse and to hear your voice sharing His Word. You may want to do this for several verses which can play as a loop of verses. It is an excellent way to help you recall them more often. Let others listen in as well. They need to hear the Good News, too!

We continue our prayers for all of the victims of extreme weather issues or natural disasters. There are so many people who need help from the most recent fires AND those from prior ones as they have not yet resettled back to their homes. Pray for patience. Pray for support. Pray for strength. There is so much that is needed to help them try to rebuild. God will be with them and we can show His love to them along the way. Be a great blessing to just one family and you will be blessed in doing so. Pass it on as the Good News that everyone needs to hear!

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