Salvation is simple to explain…really!

10:09 Romans “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” (NLT)

Paul writes with boldness and clarity to fellow Christians. He wants to help them grow in their faith. He wants them to understand and to be able to explain their hope in Christ. He wants that for us, too. There are many verses which condense the message of salvation into one or two sentences. This verse is one of them. We need just two simple actions… ‘confess with your mouth’…’believe in your heart’… AND ‘you will be saved’. This is a verse to share with others. It truly is Good News! People need to have Good News in their lives… forever!

You can copy the link or this blog to route this key verse to all of your family, friends, and co-workers in His kingdom. Ask if they can tell you what it takes to be called a Christian. Ask if they can do that in just one short sentence. Then share with them this verse and remind them how simple it is to explain. Pray with and for those closest to you. Treat them as members of the family of God. Always Take Time For God’s Word(c) at 10:09 am or pm or as you think of being ‘saved’, remember this verse. This is a verse to set as an Alarm on your phone. Set it at 10:09 am with the title “confess and believe”. As it rings, it should remind you of the whole verse. If someone asks what the alarm was for, it gives you a great opportunity to share with them the whole verse and the Good News that it brings. Within a week, you will begin to automatically think of the verse whenever you see 10:09 as the time. What a great way to live… knowing that we are saved by God’s grace through our faith in Jesus. Amen to that!

In the USA, we celebrate Thanksgiving today as part of our American heritage. As Christians, we celebrate with thanksgiving our faith and trust in God every day! We pray for all of the Christian led causes and organizations around the world. We think of Lutheran World Relief (Baltimore, MD) touching the needs of people in the poorest countries and helping to reach lives for the cause of Christ. Support them often if you can. Encourage people who work in such causes. Stay blessed (and thankful) always. Pass it on to those in need by sharing the message of salvation.

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