Let joy and peace surround you each day…

55:12 Isaiah “You will live in joy and peace. The mountains and hills will burst into song, and the trees of the field will clap their hands!” (NLT)

The result of God’s Word being shared and enjoyed in our lives becomes how we then can live in joy and peace. Isaiah paints the picture that all of creation will join in the praise and worship with singing and clapping. It is a time of great rejoicing when the Word of God accomplishes its mission to save and support God’s people. Take the time today to give Him the thanks and praise which He deserves. AND, sing a little as well…with the mountains and the hills!

Please forward this verse to family, friends, and co-workers in His kingdom. Ask when was the last time that they really felt at peace. Ask what is holding them back from experiencing it every day. Let them know that they can find that same joy and peace in God’s Word. That is why we emphasize it so much. That is why we encourage daily Bible reading and devotions. Continue to Take Time For God’s Word© several times each day… when you check the time, think of a verse. Knowing His Word in your mind and in your heart will give you a greater sense of joy and peace. It will show. People will ask what makes you so peaceful. What a great chance to witness to them. Help others to know that same love of Christ that we have received. Pass it on!

We pray for all of the Christian colleges and universities across our country. These institutions play a vital role in offering and providing solid Biblical principles into their academic programs. Our young women and men can have the freedom to express their personal faith without being challenged or confronted by others. We need to have such places now and in the future. Help support them wherever you can. Encourage the students there. Encourage other youth to consider a Christian college for their advanced studies. Stay blessed to be a blessing. Pass it on through joyful living and with an attitude of peace in knowing Jesus!

THANK YOU for taking time to vote. Pray for all who are elected that they may serve in humility and that they may seek the hand of God to guide them.

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