Get the best perspective from above…

55:09 Isaiah “For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.” (NLT)

We all need to have our perspective put into perspective. That’s what Isaiah reminds the people of Israel about (often). They forget the power of God. They forget the wisdom of God. They forget the mercy and forgiveness of God. Let us not forget those either. He knows ALL things and He knows what is going to work out for our benefit. Even when we do not see what or why, continue to trust Him and watch His awesome power unfold.

You can give this verse to close family and friends by copying the blog or the link to this page. Ask if they have ever questioned God’s plans or why He hasn’t answered one of their urgent prayers. Ask why they felt they knew better than God what to do. Remind them that one of the hardest parts of faith is to let God be God. We need to trust Him even when we do not see His help coming. We need to rely on His plan even as we are expecting Him to bail us out of our plans (which failed). Then Take Time For God’s Word© often each day. At night, when you look up at the sky and see the stars, then recall this verse and how high are the thoughts and ways of God. Still know that He listens to your every prayer. He knows your every need. He will see you through it all and in the end you will see Him. It will be worth it ALL!

Today we focus prayers for all of the hospitals and clinics around the country. We are so grateful to have these institutions and caring medical staffs who are there to see to our healthcare needs. Many of these staff know the healing powers which can only come from God. They pray for their patients and that God will help them to give comfort and healing. Let them know that you appreciate their care. Tell them that you are praying for them. Stay blessed. Pass it on by sharing His great love with those who need it the most.

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