We all need safety and a place of rest…

32:18 Isaiah “My people will live in safety, quietly at home. They will be at rest.” (NLT)

In the predictions of hard times and persecution, Isaiah also gives a glimpse of the days ahead when there will again be peace and safety. Most of us feel pretty safe most of the time. What a blessing that is. So many do not live in that way. They live in fear each day. There is still more that we need to do for them. Continue the work of the Lord… until He comes again! Be a blessing!

You can copy this link or this blog post to give this verse to your family, friends, and neighbors. Ask where they feel most at rest and most safe. Ask what makes that place hold for them the promise of safety and rest. Share with them the peace and rest that we have in knowing Jesus. He takes away fear. He frees us from our sins. He gives us new life in Him. His Word is secure… forever. Please remember to Take Time For God’s Word© during you day as you check the time… then remember a verse. Print out these verse cards. Put them up on mirrors, bulletin boards, refrigerators, locker doors, etc. Pause a moment to read them and to think about ALL that God has done for you. Give Him the thanks and praise!!

We sincerely pray for all of our seminaries and places of training for the next generations of pastors, ministers, and church leaders. We believe that the church represents the body of Christ. We need great leaders who can continue the work of and the growth of the church in the future. Support these organizations. Encourage new ministers and pastors. Help them to grow into powerful voices of the Gospel for years to come. Stay blessed where you are. Pass it on in ways that promote safety and rest to those weary of sin.

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