Keep your eyes and ears open…

32:03 Isaiah “Then the eyes of those who see will not be closed, and the ears of those who hear will give attention.” (ESV)

We are reminded by Isaiah that we need to open our eyes and to open our ears to give attention to the things which God is putting before us. We need to see things or situations from another’s point-of-view. We need to hear the underlying issues which are causing unrest or arguments. We need to show the love of God in our actions and in our responses. We need to help others to see a better way… the way that leads to Christ! You will then see and hear amazing things in your life!

You can give this verse to your friends, family, and co-workers in His kingdom by sharing the link to this page or by copying the blog to email it to them. Ask if they ever saw something that they didn’t understand… then really saw it once they understood the context. Ask if they have heard something only to have a completely different viewpoint when they heard the whole story. Let them know that we ALL need to open our eyes and ears to what God is trying to show us each day. We will have a fresh perspective and renewed energy to serve Him. Take Time For God’s Word© at various times throughout each day. Maybe it’s early in the morning…OR at lunch-time… OR in your drive home from work… OR at other times. Just set a time and spend it wisely seeking to know God’s Word more deeply. It may be the best time of your whole day! Be open to His leading.

Today we pray for all of the Christian colleges and universities around the world. They are continually being challenged by outside forces who want them to compromise their beliefs. We need to support all efforts that uphold the freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Our young women and men need to be empowered to speak the name of Jesus to a world that desperately needs His love and forgiveness. Support these organizations. Let them know that you pray for them. Be that great and powerful blessing to them. Pass it on with eyes and ears open to the truths which God is sharing with you.

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