Don’t let your prayers become routine…

29:13 Isaiah “The Lord says: "These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is based on merely human rules they have been taught.” (NIV)

Isaiah speaks clearly. God does NOT want us to go through the motions of praying or loving or serving if our hearts are not in it for Him. We get half-way through a meal and someone asks, “Did we pray already?” We awake in the morning and we don’t recall ever getting to the “Amen” in our prayers the night before when we just fell asleep. Be intentional about your time with God. Open your mind and your heart to what He wants to share with you. Then be prepared for ALL of the amazing things He has planned for you each day!

PLEASE…copy this blog or this link to give this verse to your family and friends. Ask if their daily routine has just become too routine. Ask if they follow the rituals of worship without ever really thinking about the heart of worship. Tell them of ways you find to stay close to God. Offer to pray for them. Ask them to do the same for you. Make it personal… it is for God! Always Take Time For God’s Word during the day. It may be a quick reminder to “Rejoice always.” (5:16 of 1 Thessalonians (NIV)) OR… It may be “O Lord, please hear my prayer!...” (1:11 Nehemiah (NLT)) It will turn your thoughts toward God and you will see what He has done for you. That is a ‘blessing break’ we all need during the day! Try it soon… do it often!

Pray for all of our Christian preschools and day schools. These are places of great learning and great loving. They share the love of Christ in all of their activities and all of their teaching. We need that message now more than ever in a society which seems to become more divisive each year. It greatly needs to hear and to feel the love of Christ. We need to share it. Stay blessed in doing just that. Pass it on from your heart!

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