Follow plans that are wonderful!

28:29 Isaiah “All this also comes from the LORD Almighty, whose plan is wonderful, whose wisdom is magnificent.” (NIV)

Isaiah gives people the lessons which God wants for them to hear and to follow. Many reject them. Many want to do it their way. Many follow after other gods or traditions. Those people are headed for failure and doom. Isaiah points that out to them often! We are to seek after what God has done for us. We are to find and follow His plans. We are to faithfully do what He asks. It is then that we see just how wonderful they work out. It is then that we see the true wisdom in those plans. Follow His plan!!

You can pass along this verse to your family, friends, and neighbors by copying the link or this blog to email to them. Ask if all of their plans work out just like they expected. Ask how often they need to re-plan and then re-plan again. Share how you are seeking God’s plans. Let them know why you believe that it is the best choice and what is happening through those plans. Keep that going as you Take Time For God’s Word daily as you review His plans for you, then think about this verse. If you haven’t shared canned goods of food for September as Hunger Action Month, there are still a few days remaining. Take action. Drop them off at any of several collection points in your communities. We are His hands and feet to not only share the Good News but pass on from the abundance of blessings which we have received. You will be blessed by those actions!

Please continue your prayers for all of our Sunday School teachers and leaders/ helpers. This is such a vital area of ministry to all ages. Kids learn the songs, lessons, and stories of the great people in the Bible. They learn all about the love of God and His forgiveness. They won’t learn that on TV or the internet or even in some families. Encourage the teachers. Support them. IF that is you now (or in the past), THANK YOU!!! Bring children to Sunday School. It will have such an impact on them. Stay blessed in ALL that you do. Pass it on through faithful acts of witness in word and in deed each day.

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