The first will be last…

19:30 Matthew “But many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first.“ (NIV)

Jesus reminds the disciples that whatever they feel they have given up to follow Him will be repaid a hundred times AND they will have eternal life. The disciples are like us… we want to know ‘what’s in it for me?’ And we KNOW that Jesus gave us a new life in Him. Still, we sometimes think that life should be somehow easier because of our belief in Jesus. Then we get a verse like this one that says we need to think MUCH differently than we did before. Those who serve others are MORE blessed than those who expect to be served. We need to seek and to follow His priorities in life… then we will find true life in Him…forever.

Copy this blog post or the link and route this verse to all of those on your social media accounts. Ask when they have heard this verse before. Ask if they ever see this happening to people around them. Share with them that God values greatly all of those who sacrifice for the sake of others. His criteria for greatness is not the same as what our world highly values. Continue to pray for all of these contacts. Faithfully Take Time For God’s Word at 19:30 (7:30 pm) and whenever you see someone finishing first, then recall this verse. Save this verse card to your Photo album of Verses on your phone. Maybe you could even make it your wallpaper or your screen saver. It is a verse we need to think about often. We need to rethink our priorities. We need to examine our motives. We need to see if we are putting God’s work first in our lives. Know that He will see you through ALL situations and will be there for you in the end!

Our prayers go out to all of those people who are victims of extreme weather issues… volcanoes, fires, floods, extreme heat, drought, hurricanes, monsoon rains, etc. We may see these on the TV news for 2 minutes and then it is back to our daily lives. Many of these people lose everything. It takes a lifetime to rebuild. Or, sadly, they lose loved ones. We cannot know the pains that they go through. Yet, we can support them. We can volunteer if possible. We can make a difference AND we can show the love of Christ to them. Stay blessed. Pass it on in your service to others and in putting their needs first.

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