All things are possible with God!…

19:26 Matthew “Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”“ (NIV)

The disciples heard how hard it would be for the rich to enter heaven and now they are wondering, “Who then can be saved?” (verse 19:25). They are still thinking that there is something we do or earn or buy or achieve which gets us into heaven. The fact that it was done for us and there is NOTHING more that we can do seems too good to be true. Yet, it is totally TRUE! Jesus did it ALL for us. He died so that ALL who believe in Him will be saved. It is a free gift. And like any gift, you need to accept it, open it to your life, and then benefit from that gift. Once you do… even the impossible becomes possible with God’s help!

Would you please copy this blog or the link to it and then provide this verse to your friends and family, near and far. Ask if they believe that there is anything that is impossible for God. Ask if they were to ask for the impossible, what would that be for them. Their answer will tell you something about how big they envision God to be. We need to make sure that our prayers are for blessings that help people. We need to seek His will and His plans for us. Always Take Time For God’s Word at 19:26 (7:26 pm) and as you see what’s impossible for you, then remember the power of God in this verse. Set this up as an Action Item on your phone for 7:26 pm with the title of “19:26 Matthew ‘with God all things are possible’”. It is hard for us to fully grasp that truth. We live in a world of limitations. We live in a body with limitations. We then often try to constrain God’s power to also have limitations… which is often only as big as our faith or our trust in Him. Let God be God in whom all things are possible!

Today we pray for all of the groups and individuals which lead social organizations for the common good. This may be blood banks, free clinics, donations for disabled, veterans, etc. There are many good organizations which help people in some tough situations. We can assist such groups to give basic care to others. We can further provide extended care through Christian groups as well. There are MANY needs which need attention. Do good… or do great! Either will be helpful to those in need. Give your support as you are able. Be a blessing to those who have yet to know Jesus! Pass it on with such love and tender care that they will see Jesus working in you!

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