Practice forgiveness…Big Time!…

18:22 Matthew "No, not seven times," Jesus replied, "but seventy times seven!” (NLT)

Peter asks Jesus how often he should forgive someone who sins against him… up to seven times? Peter thought that was a generous number. Jesus tells him (and us) to think MUCH bigger when it comes to forgiveness. He is saying that we should not really keep track at all… just forgive as Christ has forgiven us. (And that is A LOT!) Now comes the hard part… practicing forgiveness. It means we give up the hurt… the resentment… the disappointment… the frustration… and ALL of it. We forgive and let it go. We are set free through forgiveness. Practice it often!!

Please copy the link or the blog post in order to pass along this verse to your family, friends, and neighbors on your email list. Ask if they can think of one person whom they just can’t seem to forgive. Ask how long that has been going on and why they can’t let it go. Pay attention to their answer. Help them to understand how Christ forgives us. Tell them about the freedom they will get from forgiving others. They will be free from a great burden. Next, Take Time For God’s Word at 18:22 (6:22 pm) and as you see the number ‘7’ or ‘70’, remember this verse and practice forgiveness. Put this as an Alarm on your phone for 6:22pm with the title ‘seventy times seven’. It will quickly remind you about forgiveness. It will allow you to be free from the anger or resentment which you carry because you have not forgiven someone else. Put aside those feelings and experience a love for that person… the love of Christ!

Let us expand our prayers for the youth choirs and youth music programs within our churches and our fellowship groups. As I listen to Christian music on the radio, I am continually impressed by the new young artists and their music. Great words. Powerful testimony. Catchy tunes. I quickly buy those songs to put on my phone. We need to encourage our youth to learn the great hymns of faith AND to find current, contemporary music which speaks to their hearts AND which they can share with friends. Encourage them. Share your favorite songs with others. Let their music fill your hearts. Pass it on through songs of praise!

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