Experience the presence of Jesus…

18:20 Matthew “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” (NIV)

Jesus encouraged His disciples and followers to gather together to pray. When we call upon His name, He is right there with us. He listens to our deepest needs. He understands what we are going through. He knows the best actions for the best outcomes for us. He will act. Believe it! Let us be faithful in joining with others to bring our prayers and petitions of thanks and praise to Him often. We are blessed in raising up our prayers and through our prayers we are able to be a great blessing to others! Be blessed!

You can copy this blog or the link to this page so that you can share this verse to all of your friends on social media or on your email list. Ask if they have ever heard this verse before. Ask if they have recent or distant memories of bringing prayer requests to God. Listen respectfully to their responses. We have all had different life experiences which bring us to this place today. Yet, we ALL have the opportunity to make new choices and to make new decisions regarding how and when we pray. Let them know that you pray for them. Offer to pray with them now. Be there for them. Always Take Time For God’s Word at 18:20 (6:20 pm) and as you may be finishing dinner with family or friends, think of this verse and put it into practice right then. Set this up as a Reminder on your phone for 6:20pm with the title ‘where 2 or 3 gather’. That will bring this verse to mind. Then it is up to you to take action based on it. Don’t miss out on great fellowship opportunities with family or friends to share a prayer together. Jesus is the ‘Bread of Life’. Feed on His Word often!

Please join me as we pray for all of the youth outreach programs and mission projects that are in process this summer. Putting their faith into action often makes it very real for a young person. Helping others. Serving those in great need. Seeing the reactions to their support and to the love of Christ. These responses touch young hearts. They experience the joys that come through sharing Christ with others. It is life-changing! It gives them new eyes to see the needs around them. Support these efforts. Encourage these youth. Listen to their stories. Thank them for their service. Build up the church one life at a time. Stay blessed. Pass it on through acts of service and through powerful prayers.

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