Powerful prayers start here!

18:19 Matthew “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.” (NIV)

Jesus knew the importance of prayer in His life. He also knew that it would become important to all of His believers. Yes, He still wants our individual prayers. Yet, as seen in this verse, there is even greater power when believers can pray together…seeking God’s will and asking for His blessings in their lives. While we may know that, do we practice it often enough in our own lives? Pray together often. Ask God’s blessings and He will give them...abundantly!

Please remember to copy this blog post or the link to it and then pass along this verse to friends and family. Ask if they seek to pray with others very often. Ask if they see God’s blessings as they pray together. Remind them that there must be agreement on what we ask of God. Keep your hearts centered as you offer up those great prayers to God. Then, Take Time For God’s Word at 18:19 (6:19 pm) and as you pause for prayers, remember this verse. This may be a verse that you print out and place as a bookmark in your family Bible. As you may read together, also remember to pray together. Seek to agree on what is most important to the family and keep that as the focus of your prayers. Keep track of what you ask for. While we do not always know God’s timing, we do know that He wants the best for our lives. Keep praying…together!

Our prayers today are for all of the organizations that provide shelter and support to the homeless people across our cities. We think of Pacific Garden Missions (PGM, Chicago, IL) and the decades upon decades of ministry and care which they have been providing near downtown Chicago. They provide food, shelter, prayers, and comfort to those who don’t have much hope on most days. What a great blessing they are!! Support them if you can OR support those in your part of the country. Be a great blessing to many others each day. Pass it on thanks to the freedoms which we have in the USA and our freedom in Christ!!

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