Lost and Found…which are you?

18:11 Matthew “For the Son of Man has come to save that which was lost.” (NIV)

There is a sign in our church that points to the ‘Lost and Found’ area. It seems to point to the main entrance to the sanctuary. (But it is to a small hallway nearby). All of us fit into that category of ‘Lost and Found’. Jesus is still trying to reach the lost in our world. That is where He needs us to invite them into our church or fellowship. They need to meet Jesus. They need to hear His Word. They need to confront their sins. They need to accept His salvation. That is how the lost can be found in Christ. Help them…because without Him, they will be lost forever!

Please copy and paste the blog or link to this verse into an email to send along to your friends who may on your email list. Ask if they have ever been lost… really lost. Ask how that made them feel and how they were rescued. Listen for the emotion in their story. Let them know that Jesus came to save the lost. Help show them the way to find Jesus in their lives. Always Take Time For God’s Word at 18:11 (6:11 pm) and as you think of something you have lost, then recall the importance of this verse. Copy this verse into the Notes app on your phone. You can look at it from time-to-time. It should encourage you to reach out to friends who have yet to know Jesus. We all want our friends to be saved by Him. That is what friends do… they want the BEST for each other. Help them find their new best friend in Jesus.>/p>

Please offer up prayers for the many soup kitchens and food banks that serve those in great need. Hunger doesn’t quit. The needs of the poor are continual. Therefore, the love of Christ shown by His people must also be never ending. Drop off a few cans of food or boxes of cereal each week. You won’t notice it in your pantry yet it will truly be a life-saver to others. If there is a buy-one-get-one-free offer, I grab those. I can give the free ones to others and my grocery bill did not increase beyond what I had planned to pay anyway. Be that kind of blessing to others. Pass it on freely just as you have been freely forgiven and saved!

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