Can you resist temptation?...

18:07 Matthew “What sorrow awaits the world, because it tempts people to sin. Temptations are inevitable, but what sorrow awaits the person who does the tempting.” (NLT)

Temptations…they are everywhere and they hit us constantly. They want our time. They want our money. They want our integrity. Some even want our souls. They seem to find us when we are at our weakest moment… yet that is when God can give us His strength to resist them. Jesus was tempted by Satan but He did not give in. He quoted scriptures back to Satan confirming what Jesus knew to be true. Resist those temptations. Give a Gospel message back to those who may be tempting you. It may just help to save them.

Pass on this verse to those on your various social media accounts by copying in the link to this blog post or by copying and pasting the whole blog in your message to them. Ask what is their greatest temptation (besides food or chocolate). Ask how they choose to resist those temptations and ask how well it works for them. Share the Good News about what God can do for them when tempted. Then, Take Time For God’s Word at 18:07 (6:07 pm) and as you feel tempted (which may be often), then think about this verse. Save this as a Reminder on your phone at 6:07pm with the title “18:07 Matt ‘Temptations are inevitable’ “ but copy in the whole verse so that you know that God is with you even through the temptations. Help others avoid temptations and offer Good News to those who are trying to tempt you. Christ changes everything…for good.

Our prayers now reach out to those organizations who support Foster Care programs and foster children. There are MANY kids who end up in foster care due to sad family circumstances. The kids did nothing wrong. Yet, they feel that way. It seems that no one wants them. It seems that no one cares. We care! We want them to feel loved. We want them to be part of a family… whether for a short time or for many years. We want them to know and to experience the love of Christ. You can make a difference. You can be that family. Consider it. Support where you can. Be a great blessing to those in such great need. Pass it on through acts of love and grace to those closest to you.

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