‘Nothing will be impossible for you’…

17:20 Matthew “He replied, "Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." (NIV)

The disciples were helping to heal people. Jesus gave them the gift of healing. Yet, in some cases, their faith was not strong enough to cast out the demons which possessed many people. Jesus stated that it was because of their lack of faith. It needed to be stronger. It needed to have no doubts. It is the kind of faith that we all seek and need in our lives, too. Let us then grow in faith as we trust in God’s Word and as we exercise that faith by the way we live and act towards others.

Send along this verse to friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Many of you have dozens or even hundreds of friends linked to your accounts. What a great blessing to share this with them. Ask if they know this verse from hearing it before. Ask if they have ever seen a mustard seed or a full grown mustard plant. If not, share something about the size of each so that the comparison makes more sense to them. Then tell them about times when God has helped to increase your faith. Personal stories can help them to better see the impact of the Gospel. Always Take Time For God’s Word at 17:20 (5:20 pm) and as you see yellow or yellow mustard, then think of this verse. You may want to print up this verse card as a 5X7 inch photo and put it on your counter or cabinet in the kitchen. We all need help to increase our faith. We all need to be reminded of the great power of faith. We all need to trust that God can do ALL that He promises. What a great blessing it will be even if your faith feels tiny today… mountains can still be moved with it.

We continue our monthly prayer list by remembering all of the teachers, aides, and learning specialists in our schools and preschools. They often have an amazing impact on kids lives… both by what they taught and by how they conducted themselves in the classroom. Many are taking summer classes to keep up their credentials. Others are teaching Vacation Bible School. Others are already preparing for the next year with new curriculums, activities, and programs which they will use in the coming year. Thank them for their service. THANK YOU if that is or was your profession. We are ALL grateful for your efforts in teaching the next generations of kids. Stay blessed! Pass it on through your patience and persistence in helping others to learn.

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