You have been bought and are priceless!

16:26 Matthew “What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?” (NIV)

Value. Sometimes it is hard to determine what value something has. A rare coin can be worth millions. A rare painting can be worth tens of millions. But what is the price of your soul? The devil tempts us with lots of things in this life hoping we will give up our soul for one of these useless things. Jesus KNOWS the value that you are to Him… you are worth dying for and He proved that on the cross. Your soul is priceless to Him. Don’t trade it for anything this world has to offer. Give yourself to Him!

Pass along this key verse to friends, family, and neighbors by sharing the link to this blog OR by copying it and sending it to them. Ask what they would buy if money were no object. Ask if that would make them happy and why. Pay attention to their response. It often reveals one’s true self when asked what is their ideal possession. Let them know why Jesus is so precious to you. Tell them again that they are most precious to Jesus, too! Take Time For God’s Word at 16:26 (4:26 pm) and as you think of your very soul, then remember this verse. You may want to add this verse to the Alarm that you set at 4:25 pm and recall 4:26 as well. These questions are easy to remember yet are some of the toughest questions to answer for many people. Be prepared to help others to see that Jesus is THE answer to life’s toughest challenges. In the end, He wins for all of eternity!

Our prayers now extend to all of the faculty and students who are Christians across all of our public and private colleges and universities. Their faith is challenged and even ridiculed at these places of higher education. They are singled out if others feel that they are trying to live a Christian life with high morals and ethics. They need our support. We need to make our voices heard if there is a bias against Christianity on campus. Beyond our basic freedom of religion, we need to show and share the love of Christ with those who are far from His truth. Be a bold blessing to them. Pass it on with love and grace and without fear… for God is in control.

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