Bring what you have to Jesus…

14:18 Matthew “Bring them here to me," he said.” (NIV)

The disciples found only five loaves of bread and two fish as the food available to feed the 5000 people. Not much to work with. Jesus only asked that they be given over to Him. He could work a miracle but only if they trusted Him with all that they had to give. That’s still true today. We have very little that we can offer Jesus on our own. Therefore, we need to give Him our lives… all that we have... we need to give it all to Him. From there, He will bless it and return it to us to be shared with others… just like the bread and fish. That blessing will be multiplied as it is shared. It will impact thousands. There will even be more left over as He gives abundantly. What are you waiting for? Give Him your all today!!

Copy the blog or the link to this page to give this verse to family, friends and neighbors. Ask if they ever had to feed lots of people and didn’t have enough food. Ask what they did and how it turned out. Tell them about the little that became a LOT when Jesus blessed it and gave it to the people. Always Take Time For God’s Word at 14:18 (2:18 pm) and as you see bread or fish at a meal, then think of this and what Christ did to bless it. Add this to the Action Item on your phone about the feeding of the 5000. Know that whatever you have, bring it to the Lord and He will give it His blessing as you go out to serve others first.

We start each monthly prayer cycle by remembering all of our military women and men who are servicing or who have served our country. We include their families as well. All make some great sacrifices to defend and preserve the freedoms which we have in our country today. Please give them your thanks. Give them your support. Show that support to their families when their loved ones are deployed. Be a blessing to them. Pass it on through love and support to those who defend us.

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