Experience the kingdom of heaven…now!

13:44 Matthew “The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.” (NIV)

Jesus shared lots of parables. Simple stories with great meaning about His purpose and plans for His people. This parable talks about a treasure… not clear what that treasure was but it was enough that the person sold everything else he owned in order to buy that field and to gain that treasure. That is how valuable it is for us to find the kingdom of heaven… we must give up all else to obtain it. That is what we are asked to do. We are asked to give up our selves in order to accept the love and forgiveness of Christ. When we do that, we get to experience a bit of the kingdom of heaven by having Christ live in and through us. What a great experience. Don’t miss it for the world.

Share the link or a copy of this blog to give this verse to family, friends, and neighbors. Ask if they have heard this verse before. Ask if they know what it means and if they found such a treasure would they do the same thing. People often thing about finding treasures but don’t seem to be willing to give up anything in order to get them. We give up our sins and failures in order to accept the freedoms which come from Christ’s love for us. Best exchange we will ever make. Keep trying to Take Time For God’s Word at 13:44 (1:44 pm) and as you think about a treasure, then remember this verse. Set it as a Reminder for 1:44pm with a title ‘treasure hidden in a field’. Keep your focus on the kingdom of heaven and in sharing that with those around us. Be that blessing.

Our prayers extend to those who are in jail or prisons. We also pray for their families, the victims of their crimes, the guards, and all who serve to support our prison system. We think of prison ministries which help to support ex-convicts who are trying to return to society. We pray for Prison Fellowship International (Washington, DC) and their work to help keep people from returning to prison. They give them a purpose. They work to help them develop faith in Jesus. Help out those former prisoners and their families. We are called to share His love to those in prison. Pass it on through support for those in great need of forgiveness and hope.

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