Blessed with the gift of insight…

13:16 Matthew “But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear.” (NIV)

Jesus spoke candidly to the disciples and to us. He wants to make sure that we see clearly what He has prepared for us in His Word. He wants us to take it to heart. He wants us to believe it with ALL of our heart. All because He wants to show us even more of what He has prepared for us. Are you ready for such insights? Are you ready to know and to understand more about Him? He is ready to take us to such depths if we are ready to follow Him faithfully in all that we do. Keep searching. Keep praying. Keep trusting. You will be amazed at the life which He has in store for you!

Please copy this blog or the link to it in order to pass on this verse to family, close friends, and co-workers for His kingdom. Ask if they have read things but just did not grasp what the article was about. Ask if they ever saw an event but could not explain exactly what they saw. Sometimes life is confusing. Yet, God wants to make His plans and His Word to us very clear so that we gain the most benefits from it. Keep pursuing it diligently daily. Remember to Take Time For God’s Word at 13:16 (1:16 pm) and as you think about seeing and hearing, then consider this verse and the insights you have received. Print this verse card. Carry it with you. Look at it often. Give thanks for all that you are learning. Look forward to His hand leading you!

We now pray for all of the courts and judges at all levels of authority and leadership. These women and men must seek to hear all of the facts, understand and interpret the law, and then render a verdict which best serves people with justice and fairness. That is hard to do. We are grateful that these people are willing to serve. Thank them for their service. Let them know that you pray for them… they need our prayers. Stay blessed. Pass it on through your own acts of obedience and grace each day.

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