Enjoy an abundance of knowledge in Him!

13:12 Matthew “Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.” (NIV)

Jesus was asked why He taught in parables. He said that most people were not ready to hear and understand the heavenly plans which Jesus came to bring. The disciples however were ready. That is why they would grow in their knowledge and faith as Jesus was teaching them. He is still teaching us. We need to read the Bible and study it daily. We need to pray for insight. We need the abundance of understanding as we grow to know Him more each day!

Please copy this blog or the link to it in order to give this to family and friends. Ask if they have heard this verse before and if they think it is about money. Ask if they could see how this applies to gaining more knowledge and understanding. God talks about abundance in love, joy, peace, knowledge, relationships, etc. but He is not talking about money or possessions here. Next, Take Time For God’s Word at 13:12 (1:12 pm) and as you think of abundance, then recall this verse. You could make this an Action Item on your phone for 13:12 (1:08pm) with the title ‘think abundance’ as a reminder of the verse. Keep your eye on Him and not on things of this world.

We pray for those who are suffering from extreme weather (like the flooding from the tropical storms) and natural disasters (like the volcanoes in Hawaii and Guatemala). Our hearts go out to those who have lost homes and loved ones in these events. Even with all of our technology and advances, we cannot always predict or prevent these occurrences in nature. We thank God that He protects and keeps us from even worse weather events. He is still in control. Stay blessed where you are and in what you do. Pass it on to those who need a kind word and a loving spirit today.

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