Sow seeds of love and grace daily!

13:08 Matthew “Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop--a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.” (NIV)

Jesus's messages were simple stories that people could relate to. They knew about sowing seeds. They knew the pitfalls. They saw the benefits. They may not have caught the deeper meaning. His disciples didn’t either. We all need to be taught by Jesus. We need to take the small seeds of faith and help them to grow deeper in His Word each day. We need to continue to plant seeds of faith in those around us. Don’t hold back. Spread the Good News daily and watch how God can act in the hearts of people!

Copy the link or copy the blog to help plant this verse into the lives of friends, family and co-workers in the kingdom. Ask if they have ever planted a garden. Ask what they did with all of the produce when they all ripened at once. It is amazing how a small packet of seeds can produce bushels full of vegetables. Planting seeds of faith can have an even bigger (and more eternal) harvest. Please Take Time For God’s Word at 13:08 (1:08 pm) and as you see fields or gardens growing, then think about this verse. Save this verse card to your phone in an album called Verses or TTFGW. When you are waiting in line, review those verse cards and think again about the verse and the meaning in your life. It turns ‘wait-time’ into ‘great-time’ as you spend it in God’s Word. Keep planting seeds of faith in others. It may be a while before you see them sprouting but just keep being there to support those people. God will do the rest.

We continue to pray for the many social causes which are working for the common good… medical research groups, environmental conservation organizations, blood banks, and so many more. We are all blessed because of the passion and compassion which people have in supporting others. We benefit from their efforts and commitment. Thank them. Help them if that is touching your heart. God’s love seeks to reach all people. Help to care for common needs as a sign of your love to others. Stay blessed in all that you do. Pass it on by acts of love shown to those who may still be far from God.

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