Welcome to the family of God!

12:50 Matthew “For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.” (NIV)

Jesus is with the people… those wanting to hear His Words… those wanting to receive healing… those looking for the Good News that He was bringing. His disciples let Him know that His mother and brothers were outside the building. That is when Jesus shared this verse. He wanted to let everyone know that if they would believe and follow Him that they would become part of an eternal family. That is who we are now… family members with Christ. Let us then respect, protect, and serve each other within this family of faith!

Take a minute to send along this verse to family, friends, and neighbors by copying and pasting the blog or by sending them the link to it. Ask what was their fondest memory about their family. Ask why they felt that way and if they would want that same experience for their family. Most people can relate to family stories. We want to help people to see that Christians are part of a ‘family of believers’. We help each other… care for each other… love each other… just as Christ has loved us. Invite them to join the family! Continue to Take Time For God’s Word at 12:50 am or pm and as you think of family, then think about this verse. Let this be a Reminder on your phone at 12:50pm as you finish up your lunch, think of family and of being a brother or sister of Christ. Let it encourage you to share your love for Christ and to then share that love with others. It is the only love that will last forever!

We pray for the many Christian led causes around the country and around the world. I pray for organizations like We Raise Foundation (Itasca, IL) which provides seed money to Christian missions in startup mode to get them going. Countless people have been blessed and have been a blessing to others because of the support, mentoring, and leadership provided to them by the We Raise Foundation. You may have organizations near you that are doing similar work. Encourage them. Support them. Volunteer if you can. Get involved to make a difference in this world for the kingdom of God. You will be blessed for it. Pass it on by helping others in the family of God to grow closer to Him and to His Word!

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