Do you stand with Jesus or against Him?

12:30 Matthew “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.” (NIV)

Jesus continues to make it clear to the Pharisees that He came from God and that He is doing the will of God. He wanted the people to be very clear on what He is saying. This verse is very clear. People need to choose sides. They need to make a decision… an eternal one. This message was for those close to Jesus and for those of us who are still following Him more than 2000 years later. The choice is just as clear… and for some, just as hard. I would encourage you to make that choice today. Follow Jesus. Knowing Him as Savior and friend will change your life… for good!

Copy this blog or copy the link to this page in order to give this verse to your friends and family, near and far. Ask if they believe that the choice about faith is a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ choice. Ask if they have ever made that choice and how it is working out for them. Share your experiences in knowing Jesus. Speak about the fellowship that you have with other Christians. Tell about why it made such a difference for you. We need to make it personal… that is what it is, a personal relationship with Christ. Always Take Time For God’s Word at 12:30 am or pm and as you are confronted by choices today, then remember this verse and the choice we have in Christ. I would encourage you to put this in your cell phone as an Alarm at 12:30pm. Use the title “for me or against me”. It will cause you to think. It will cause to you refocus on Him. It may encourage you to share the Good News with others around you. It will comfort you to know that you are on the side of God and that He will win out for eternity. Great choice! Help others to make it as well!

At this point in our monthly prayer cycle, we lift up in our prayers all of our government leaders and elected officials in all capacities. The problems in our world grow more complex and interconnected all of the time. We often need to fight for peace. We need to be a strong nation yet we need to show compassion and mercy for those in great need. We need to protect and enable the more than 325 million citizens to grow and work and hope and dream. We need to continue to seek God’s help and blessings for our country and our people. Pray hard! Stay blessed. Pass it on through your acts of service to others and to our country. May God continue to bless us and to make us a blessing to others around the world.

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