If we are divided, we will not stand!…

12:25 Matthew “Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, "Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.” (NIV)

Jesus healed people and drove out demons. Pharisees said that Jesus must be in partnership with the evil one. Jesus knew their thoughts and shared this powerful insight with them (and with all of us). If loyalties are divided, then there will be failure in that family, community, country, or cause. That is why God made trusting Him to be His first commandment and His constant reminder to His people. If we are not united in Him and in fulfilling His will, then we will fail to accomplish all that He has planned for us. Become united in His love and His grace… then share it!

Click ‘Like’ on this post and click ‘Share’ to pass on this verse to your friends on social media or on your emails lists. Ask if they have heard this verse before and where they heard it. Ask what they feel is needed to bring about greater unity in our country. Share with them the great promise of Christ through His death and resurrection that we will all be united one day in Him. It is Good News. Tell others! Next, Take Time For God’s Word at 12:25 am or pm and as you see division or warfare on TV, then consider this verse. You may want to print out this verse card. Put it where you will see it often. Think about where there may be division or conflicts in your home, work, school, or church. Think about what you can do to help bring unity to that situation. You my use the 12:25 time to think of Christmas (12/25) and the unity which Jesus brought to the world. While it is still summer, Christmas makes a powerful link to our verse. Keep it in mind often and pray for unity in the church!

Our earnest prayers go out to all of our family and friends. Name them by name. Lift up what you believe they need. Send your love and thanks for them being a part of your life. It is hard to be mad at someone when you pray for them and for their needs. Do your part to bring unity and calmness to every situation with family or with friends. Don’t let there become a wedge which drives you apart and where you are constantly at odds with each other. Seek common ground. Seek to be grounded in God’s Word. Be a great blessing to your family. Pass it on through kind words and acts of genuine love and caring.

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