Be fruitful…the good kind…

7:17 Matthew “Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.” (NIV)

Jesus often used vivid examples that people would see every day. When they would see those examples, they would remember His words. That is what Take Time For God’s Word© tries to do as well… to help people to recall God’s Word often each day by linking a verse to things we see around us. When people see your good deeds and acts of love and kindness, they too will think of how God is blessing you and is using you to show His love. Now that is being fruitful! Keep spreading the Good News… many have not heard it… many have not yet believed it… many are still not living it out to their full potential in Him! Bear good fruit!

You can copy this blog or the link to it as your way to pass it along to all of your family, friends, and co-workers in His kingdom. Ask if feel they are bearing good fruit by what they do. Ask if they feel that you are bearing good fruit from what they see in you. Listen to their feedback. Adjust if needed. Tell them THANKS for their comments. We all need to know if we are being effective. Let us know how well Take Time for God’s Word© is touching your lives. We need to know, too. Please work to Take Time For God’s Word at 7:17 am or pm and as you see blossoming fruit trees this spring, then think about this verse. You may want to print out this verse card and put it with your gardening tools or near a favorite flower or plant in your home (yes, even the artificial ones). Let it be an inspiration to you as you see the beauty in flowers or plants nearby. We are to also be rooted in His Word and growing in faith each day. Think of His Word often. It is refreshing to the soul and it brightens even the cloudy days. Be a tree…branch out today!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the homeless people and the shelters that serve them. These are women, men and children who have had some tough situations cause them to become homeless. They need help…daily. They need someone to meet their needs. They need a place to go to for food or shelter. They need the love of Jesus AND people to show that to them. Support those shelters like Pacific Garden Missions (Chicago, IL) or those near you. Help if you can. Encourage others to give to these organizations. Be a blessing to them. Pass it on by bearing good fruit and then by sharing it with others in need!

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