Help others to stay on the road to life!

7:14 Matthew “But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” (NIV)

Jesus tells His disciples and us that to find real life…the kind that lasts forever…we need to follow a certain road or path. Jesus even leads us on that path. He clears obstacles in our way. He guides us at every turn and warns us of upcoming dangers. We need to set aside egos. We need to put others first. We need to help others stay on the path. Follow that path to life eternal. It will be the best ride of your life!

Copy this blog post or the link to it in order to pass it along to your close family and friends. Ask if feel that the road they are on is the right road. Ask if they feel that others are also on that same road with them. Tell them about The Way which Jesus provides for everyone who believes in Him. Invite them to join you on that journey and on that road to Life. Be sure to Take Time For God’s Word at 7:14 am or pm and as you see any road sign, then remember this verse and the road that leads to Jesus. If you go through a gate today, remember that our verse says, ‘small is the gate’. It doesn’t allow for big egos…or big heads… or loads of sin which people are still carrying. We travel light…humbly walking with God…no sins to weigh us down…freed from everything that holds us back. Now that is the way to travel! Safe travels with God today!

We pray for all of the refugees around the world seeking safety and freedom from oppression. We pray for those organizations who help and support them like Exodus World Services (Itasca, IL). It is a long process. It can be a complicated journey. It takes patience. It takes many volunteers to work with the families at each step along the way AND after they arrive to get them settled. You can help. Donate if you can. Support where you are able. Mentor the new refuges. Be a friend to them. Be the hands and feet of Jesus to those in great need. Stay blessed by being a blessing. Pass it on to those on the road to a new beginning!

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