Ask! You WILL receive!

7:07 Matthew “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” (NIV)

Why are we afraid to ask God for His help? Do we think we don’t need it? Do we think He can’t provide it? Do we think that we are not worth of it? He tells us, ‘ASK!’ You will never know ALL of the great things that God has planned for you if you don’t ASK that He reveals them to you. SEEK new ventures and new people to talk to… even to share the Good News with those new friends. KNOCK and you will open many doors which appeared to be closed because you did not knock first. ASK…SEEK…KNOCK… every day and you will be amazed!!

Copy this link or this blog entry to send along this verse to all of your contacts on your email list. Ask if they know this verse. Ask if they are afraid to ask for things. Let them know that God is a loving God. He wants the best for His followers. He sent Jesus for us. He wants the best for them if they will just believe in Him. Continue to Take Time For God’s Word at 7:07 am or pm and as you approach any closed door, then think of this verse. Make this an Action Item on your phone for 7:07 am. Set a loud ringtone for it. Give it a title of “ASK…SEEK…KNOCK”. Seeing this daily will have an impact on you. It will give you more courage. It will give you more freedom. It will cause you to act. Then be prepared for some new opportunities which you didn't know were even possible. All because you chose to ASK! God will provide!

We also pray for all of those groups or organizations which provide for Foster Care services. They match kids in needs with parents and homes with love to share. It is a match made in heaven… at least that’s how it feels to a foster child. I know many foster parents. I know how they speak with pride about each of their foster children. WOW! What an impact. What a witness. What great love. Encourage them. Give them your support. Stay blessed and share those blessings widely. Pass it on with excitement as you ask, seek, and knock often today!

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