Don’t be a hypocrite!

7:05 Matthew “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.” (NIV)

Name calling hurts. Being called a ‘hypocrite’ really hurts. It says that we speak of faith, love, hope, peace, grace, etc. BUT our words and actions don’t reflect those statements. We don’t ‘practice-what-we-preach’. Some people expect that if we claim to be a Christian that we are then somehow ‘perfect’. We are still sinners… just redeemed by Christ. Yet, we need to live a life that is ‘worthy of the Gospel’. Others are listening and watching so be an example of what Christ can do in you!

You will want to give this verse to all of your friends and neighbors by sending them a copy of this blog or by sending them the link to it. Ask if they know any hypocrites. Ask why they feel that person or group of people are hypocrites. Listen carefully to their insights and reasons. Remind them that even Christians can still make mistakes or sin… we try not to but sometimes we do still fail. Then share the Good News of the Gospel. Jesus took away ALL of those sins. We are now free in Him!! Then Take Time For God’s Word at 7:05 am or pm and as you look in the mirror (for the plank), then remember this verse. You may want to print this verse card and put it on your mirror. It is often easy to pick on others' problems and miss our own. So, it is good to be reminded of this often and to take it to heart each day. Find ways to truly compliment others. Thank them. Serve them. Love them. That will show how much Christ loves them, too!

Our prayers today center on those organizations which provide adoptions services like Evangelical Child and Family Agency (ECFA, Wheaton, IL). On a popular TV show, I was both pleased and surprised to hear positive comments about the joys and opportunities that come through adopting kids into a family. It was touching… and true! There are great joys for the children and for the parents. Encourage those you know who may be considering that process. Be a blessing. Pass it on by showing in word and deed that you believe what you say and that you live it out fully each day.

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