Let God be the Judge!

7:01 Matthew “Judge not, that you be not judged.” (ESV)

Jesus knows people’s heart. That’s why this verse will hit home to so many of us. We do judge others. We think we know better what is better for them. We see their faults but we ignore ALL of the ones which we gloss over each day. That’s not how God sees it. He sees each of us just as we are…warts and all! Yet, He loves us. He sent Jesus to die for us. He did that while we were still sinners. So, today, let Him be the judge and that frees you up to just love them and serve them in His name. You will be blessed AND you will be a blessing!

Please remember to copy this blog or the link to this post to send along this great verse to all of your social media contacts. Ask if they feel that people are too judgmental of others. Ask if they feel that they fit that definition. Listen carefully to how they answer as it will tell you a lot about them. Then you can share the Good News that we don’t need to judge others… God will take care of that. That should free them up to be more loving and caring instead. How about for you? Be sure to continue to Take Time For God’s Word at 7:01 am or pm and as you begin to judge someone you see, then stop and remember this verse. I suggest that you make this an Appointment on your phone for 7:01am with the title “Judge not”. It should help to set the tone for the rest of the day. If you can just set aside the judgement and focus on helping others in their needs, you will be amazed at what you find out about those you were judging. They have some great life stories which may help you along the way. Get to know them. Help them to know Jesus!

We pray for all of the teachers, aides, and social workers in our schools. The school year is nearing an end. Kids have learned a lot. It takes great patience, love, caring, and compassion to be a teacher. The state and federal oversight has become more intense. The subjects have become more complex and diverse. The school day is full…packed with activities. Encourage them. Thank them. If that is or was your profession… THANK YOU!! You have made a difference in kid’s lives. Stay blessed because of it. Pass it on by teaching the insights that God has given to you.

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