Seek First…then fit in the rest…

6:33 Matthew “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (NIV)

We often have problems concentrating during the day. We seem to be worried about SO MANY other little things going on. As a result, we are weary and tired because our mind is racing between worries. It is not allowed to be at peace or to get some rest. That is why we need to put God’s priorities first and foremost in our minds. When we do, the other concerns don’t even come to mind. OR, we deal with them if and when they come up. We are more productive. We are more helpful. We are at peace because of His love working within us! Let Him be First today!

Remember to copy this blog post or copy the link to send on this verse to your friends, family, and neighbors. Ask what is their highest priority today. Ask why it is so special and how they will feel if that gets done. Let them know your priorities as well. Tell them about keeping God at the top of the list so that other things don’t crop up. Offer to pray for them. Show that you care for their needs. It will be time well spent. Remember to Take Time For God’s Word at 6:33 am or pm and as you think about your priority for the day, then think of this verse and keeping God as your first priority. Save a copy of the verse card as a Photo and keep it in your album of Verses on your phone. Make it your wallpaper so that it shows every time you look at the phone. It will keep you focused on God. It will ease your worries. It will give you clarity. Try it today!

Remember to pray for our seminaries and places for educating our next generation of pastors, ministers, and missionaries. We are not enrolling enough students to replace those pastors and clergy who are retiring or leaving the ministry. Who will serve in our churches? Who will take on leadership roles across our congregations? We need to encourage and support those who are considering the ministry. Help if you can. Support where you are able. Be blessed. Be a blessing. Pass it on through your daily priorities of keeping God first in your life!

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