Be called children of God…

5:09 Matthew “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” (NIV)

Divisiveness. Conflict. War. Separation. We see it in the headlines and on the frontlines of battles around the world. We lack peace in our world. Everyone wants only what they want. As a result, there is no peace. That will change only through a change of hearts…changed from self to selfless… changed from wanting others to serve you to lives of servanthood… changed from hate to love. Christ came to give us that change. Share it with others. Change the world. Be peacemakers by sharing the Prince of Peace to a weary world!

Remember to extend your giving of these verses by copying this blog or by sending the link to all your friends on social media and to those on your email list. Ask if they think that peace is possible in our conflicted world. Ask what they would do to help to make it a more peaceful world. Hear what they say and shape your response accordingly. Tell them about the peace of Christ that comes through accepting Him. Share with them our hope and our joy by knowing Him as Savior and Friend. What a Friend we have in Jesus. What great peace He gives to us. Next, Take Time For God’s Word at 5:09 am or pm and as you see areas which need peace (and there are a LOT of them), then recall this verse and be a peacemaker. Continue to add this verse into that Reminder of “Blessed” verses which you put on your phone. This is the seventh verse in the series. I hope that you review them often. I hope that the words just flow through your mind. I hope that the actions just flow through your lives. Live it out daily.

We pray for all of our family and friends this day and every day. Name them by name. Single out what they need from God and ask that He provide it. If there are conflicts or disagreements between you, lift up those issues and seek God’s help in resolving the issues… in forgiving the offenses… in restoring the trust… in expanding the love between you. Don’t let sin create barriers to the love which you have for each other. Life is TOO SHORT to let there be walls between you. Extend your hand of love today! Stay blessed. Pass it on through acts of peacemaking and reconciliation.

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