Do you want to see God?…

5:08 Matthew “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” (NIV)

Are your standards high enough? Do you compromise your standards so that you don’t feel badly about missing those lofty goals? God has high standards. He expects us to meet them. AND, He provides the way to do that. Through Christ, we can have a pure heart. Through Christ, we can have total forgiveness…ALL sins wiped clean. Through Christ, we can see God! Believe it and live it every day!

Continue sharing these verses with all your friends on social media and on your email list. Ask if they know anyone who they consider has a pure heart. Ask what makes them to think that. Listen to their reasoning and point of view. Share with them the call of the Gospel. Let them know that without Christ we can never please God. Christ has given us the way of salvation. It’s free. It’s available to all. Offer it to your friends. Please Take Time For God’s Word at 5:08 am or pm and as you feel your heart beating (often, I hope), then think of this verse and being pure in heart. Add this verse into the Reminder of “Blessed” verses on your phone. This is the sixth verse in the series. Keep reviewing them daily. Some they will flow naturally as you have absorbed them into your thinking. Next, absorb them into your life’s actions. You will see great things happen if you follow these actions in your life.

Our prayers continue for all of the youth music programs in our churches and fellowship groups. What a blessing to see young people singing and praising God. I enjoy those ‘action’ songs where they are using their hands and expressions to show the meaning of the songs. So much enthusiasm. So much trust. So much honest emotions. We should all sing like the children do in our praise and worship to God. Encourage them. Support their leaders. Thank them for their singing. Pass it on through words of love and songs of joy each day!

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