Be blessed to bless others!

5:03 Matthew “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." (NIV)

Crowds followed Jesus. They saw miracles. They experienced healings of all kinds of sickness, disease, and physical pains. People came from far and wide to see and hear the words of this man of God. Jesus taught them with simple words. Words with some profound meaning. Words that still apply to us today. Words that start with ‘blessed’. Store up these in your mind and in your heart. They will be a blessing to you and to others as you share them often in life.

Please take the time to pass these verses on to all of your friends on social media. Ask if they have ever heard the Beatitudes. Ask if they ever feel that they are blessed and if so in what ways. People quickly share ‘cat-or-dog’ videos on Facebook just because they are fun or cute. We share the Good News because it is real and life changing. Don’t miss out on sharing these eternal truths with those that you know. Then Take Time For God’s Word at 5:03 am or pm and as you see someone poor in spirit (even if it is someone in the mirror in front of you), then think of this verse. This will be a series of verses beginning with 5:03 Matthew. You may want to set a single Reminder on your phone and then copy in the other verses to add to that item. It will be a great reference to have all of the Beatitudes close at hand to review often. They will help you. They will help others if you share them. Be that kind of friend and pass them on to those in need. Be blessed!

We continue our prayers for all of the foster children and all of the foster parents. Kids need families. They need a safe and caring place to live. They have been through various difficulties even at very young ages. It is a lot to deal with. Yet, they are able to respond with love to those who offer love to them. Be that to them. Show love. Be encouraging to those families. Be a blessing to them. Pass it on and on and on through all of the days of your life.

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