Thrivent Magazine - August Edition mentions Take Time For God's Word

Thrivent Financial provides insurance and investment services to a wide range of individuals. They were formed years ago through a merger of the Aid Association for Lutherans and Lutheran Brotherhood Insurance. They maintain a strong charitable giving focus and provide a page (the back page of their monthly magazine) to focus on a Bible verse submitted by one of their members and what that verse means to that person. For August 2017, they had selected the 12:12 Romans verse which has been one of my key life verses (and was our wedding verse back in 1973). So, if you get the chance to check out that magazine, look for that verse. I will see if I can get permission to reprint it/ post it on this site to make it easier to find and review. My thanks to them for this reference and for mentioning the work that I do through Take Time For God's Word.

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