Facebook Page LIKES reach 40,000... join us there as well!

There continue to be daily postings of new verses and series for those followers on Facebook. With more than 40,000 Page LIKES the audience is growing and the participation on a daily basis is also increasing. Still room for MANY more so please join in! Find us at www.facebook.com/taketimeforgodsword and then checkin on the latest posting each day. The current series is on focusing on one verse from each of the 66 books in the Bible. When people are asked, "Do you know your Bible?", most of us are unsure how to answer. This series will at least give you a brief sense of the book and a verse to help in your understanding of God's Word. It won't replace the personal devotions time or Bible Study time BUT it may help increase your confidence as you store up key scripture verses in your memory and in your heart. We have wrapped up the 39 books of the Old Testament (and there are some GREAT verses there). We are now in the New Testament Gospels. Stop by each day for a quick update and a new verse to add to your thinking throughout the day. In the near future, I will package and post the consolidated posts from this series of "66 verses in 66 days: One verse for each book of the Bible". Those will become available in the Member's area for your download and use. It can be a helpful reference set. Use the 25 Tips document to give you ideas on ways to incorporate these verses into your technology/ tools to help in the learning process. Stay Blessed and pass it on!!

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